What are the must-do in Mexico

Beautiful tourist destinations in Mexico
May 21, 2017
Exotic foods in Mexico
June 3, 2017

The rich culture, stunning beaches and variety of delicious food of city makes Mexico a perfect and unique travel destination. The popularity of the place is also increasing among the tourists from Europe who come here to enjoy the country’s abundant sunshine, spectacular landscapes and lovely sandy beaches along with its amazing cultural heritage. From wrestling in the arena to shopping at weekly market, the Must-Do list of Mexico varies from poor to refined:

A Day at the Dead Festival – A Day of the Dead in Mexico is similar to Halloween, where friends and families mark the lives of their dead beloved ones. 1st November is celebrated as the day of the dead. The festival continues for three days where many people participate, dressed up with their face painted in traditional Mexican style. The festival also involves family parties at the decorated graveyards and celebration with lots of food and drinks. It is a Mexican way of honoring the memories of those who have gone already are not elapsed.

Try Fly boarding – Mexico is popular for beautiful beaches. Many of these beautiful beaches also offers various adventurous sports like parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving and many more. One such adventurous activity is fly boarding which you should definitely try at least once at Puerto Vallarta. It is super exciting activity and one almost feels like flying. There are many companies that offer this great experience. Once you take tutorial and lessons, in no time, you will fly across the waves.

Swim in a Cenote – Cenotes are big natural sinkholes that were used as a fresh water source during Mayan eras. Now days, they are ideal place for tourists to swim, relax and snorkel away from the crowd in a private environment. Cenotes are filled with very pure and clean fresh water and because of the clarity of water, it is perfect for scuba dive and snorkeling. Many popular cenotes offer life jackets considering the safety purpose.

Watch the Lucha Libre fight – If you’re in Mexico on Friday, don’t miss to watch a wrestling match. Male, female and mini wrestlers perform wonderful aerial acrobatics moves in their most fancy masks. This is similar to the Mexican form of WWE where wrestlers perform as if they are actually fighting and it all looks real when the action gets pretty intense but it’s just for the show. The scenario of bunch of women in bikinis calling wrestlers and promoters, rounds and referees, colorful clothes and varied and fancy Lucha masks of wrestlers engaged in the frequent dramatized arguments about game violations, make this experience unique and a must-see in Mexico.

Shop – The 51 year old Ciudadela Mercado and Mexico’s weekly market, San Angel’s Bazaar Sabado are awesome places to buy Mexican souvenirs and one can get best quality handicrafts like jewelry, hats, wood arts, show pieces, etc. arts and crafts from all over Mexico, under one roof. The prices are not too high and bargaining is allowed. So, while you are in Mexico, don’t miss the chance to buy the traditional Mexican items from these places.