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Common Mistakes in Travelling
July 1, 2017
San Pancho, a beautiful destination of Mexico
July 5, 2017

Travelers always get a hard time on what to pack in their bags on a trip, well say goodbye to those irritating times when you forget something important that you should have to bring. Here are guides for packing up your bag on your trip.

Make sure you have your cash, credit card, and passport or visa with you and some IDs, put them in a single place, put all of your personal belongings in a carry-on bag such as cell phones, tablets, charger, books, magazine and pillows.

Print your travel itineraries, hotel reservations, tour/hotel address and their contact information, transportation tickets and other booking details, maps, travel insurance and emergency contacts.

Make sure to get the necessary update on climatic conditions of the place you’re visiting and pack your clothes as per the weather condition of your destination.

Determine what will you be doing on your trip ahead of time so you can have your essentials organize in your bag.

Choose a bag that is comfortable to bring and one that fits all your essentials. Decide the bag type and size depending on the place you’re visiting. For example, if you are going for camping and hiking, a backpack is always useful and easy to carry than a rolling luggage bag.

Have an extra small bag for things like toothbrush, soap, shampoo, lotions, makeup, sanitizer and other personal hygiene items.

Always keep first-aid box, thermometer, pain killers, sunburn relievers, eye drop, anti-allergy medicines with you.
If you’re on any type of medication, consult with your doctor about the place you’re visiting, climatic condition there. Keep an extra packet of your regular medicine with you.

Consider the safety of your belongings.

Irrespective of going with a tour or alone, plan your visit to save extra time, which you can invest in new place. Make a list of must-see things, tourists attractions and other things to see there.

Don’t forget to take complete backup of your mobile data before you leave for the trip to avoid loss of your valuable information and important data.

Set an email auto responder and inform school/office about the leave details in advance to avoid any last minute troubles.

And lastly, before leaving make sure your house is prepared for it. Pay your bills in advance, empty refrigerator, unplug other electronic appliances, lock all doors and windows and keep valuables in safe place.

Taking note of all these things will ensure your peace of mind while you are traveling, god bless and enjoy your trip!