San Pancho, a beautiful destination of Mexico

Travel Essentials
July 3, 2017

We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers and social medias will accommodate. We travel to bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge. When traveling, you will have to learn to improvise and adapt to new situations on the go. However, there are many ways in traveling — whether by plane, train, ship or by your private vehicle. Traveling can improve your understanding of the world and give you wonderful experiences, which you will never forget.

San Francisco, or commonly known as San Pancho, is a Mexican village that is located in the State of Nayarit on the central Pacific coast of Mexico. San Pancho sits peacefully upon a wide palm-fringed golden beach wrapped in a verdant jungle. It is known for its preservation of the old Mexican culture. One can enjoy the serene ambiance that the place could offer. The tranquility of its surroundings is a safe haven where you can just wander around town or relax peacefully. Here, it is a great time to sit back and unwind.

Watching beautiful sunsets, lying poolside, or hearing the jungle sounds, you can spontaneously do these activities in San Pancho. San Pancho’s main beach is a kilometer in length and boasts pristine white sand framed by lush jungle foliage, and is book-ended at each end by picturesque rocky points. The beach is lined with beautiful beach homes at the north end and a lagoon toward the south end teeming with tropical birds. At the end of the main street is the Malecon, with local merchants selling their handicrafts. This leads to the beach, where the beach bars offer a shady spot to enjoy a leisurely lunch, or a seat to take in one of San Pancho’s legendary sunsets. Sunset is always an event, as locals and tourists alike wander down to the beach to meet with friends, perhaps enjoy the drink of their choice, and marvel at one of the best sunset venues in the world. Or you can just merely sit out and soak up the sun.

San Pancho is more than just a pretty beach. In the village you can find many fine restaurants that offer a variety of meals, from delicious fish or shrimp tacos to gourmet international cuisine, fine boutiques and shopping, nightlife and live music by talented local musicians, a community center that offers many activities for young and old alike, a children’s circus and a performing arts center, an annual music festival featuring international musicians and is free to the public, a beautiful golf course with bridges, fountains, lush tropical gardens, and spectacular ocean views, and a world-class polo club that offers weekly local matches and international tournaments.

San Pancho is a small and charming town graced with all of the Riviera Nayarit’s natural beauty. With its incomparable views, marvelous sunsets, pristine white sand, and vibrant green jungle foliage, it is a perfect way to any get-together or getaway. Away from home, one comes to understand what “home” actually is and what it means.