Public Transportation and the Locals in Mexico

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June 11, 2017
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June 19, 2017

Whenever the new year starts, the travel list and planning gets started that one is going to visit and travel in this new year. With the recent trends, what attracts tourists most is beaches, less crowd, historic ambiance, mouth-watering cuisines and bundle of exciting activities. One such place is Mexico, which is now a bustling tourist destination. Before, Mexico was mainly known for is well known for its pollution, traffic, crime, but now, it has been widely popular among the tourists for its clean and shiny beaches, world heritage sites, picturesque and colorful small villages. There are many notable and historic places and adventurous activities to explore here.

Few things to remember while you are going to travel here:

While in the city, there are multiple options for local transportation, starting from budget to luxury. Some of these local transporters accepts cash, while some only accept credit cards. If you’re running out the local currency, you can visit ATM machines at the airport.

For local transport between the city, one can have multiple options like hiring a private car, Taxis, local bus, etc. If your budget is high and looking for a luxurious travel, hiring private car is the best option. Type of car vary as per your budget like from regular car to Limos. Sitting in the air-conditioned car which is equipped with beer, water and some other utilities and roaming on the roads of beautiful San Pancho village is an incredible experience for one to have for lifetime.

One can also get local taxi service directly from airports to your destination. Many drivers can be convinced with little discount on your ride cost. Else, you can book your taxi/car rental in advance of your arrival, so that you don’t have to struggle with your luggage while looking and waiting for a taxi, after your long flight.

There are many car rental agencies, both cheap and trusted that provide car on rental for you to have your wonderful time. If you want to live and see any place like locals, travelling through local transport is the best options. So, one can also consider travelling by bus. It is wonderful and exciting to see how locals live and travel there. You can ask local people about the bus stops and routes. The total cost of the bus is considerably low, compared to other travelling options and many places are properly connected by bus service. Like local bus service, there are multiple private bus service options are also available. One can communicate with driver and locals for the route information, ticket costs and other info.

There are many small and picturesque towns to visit during your trip to Mexico, if you want to avoid crowd and spend some quality time with yourself and nature. Mexico has many small towns, like San Pancho that attracts tourists to visit it and appreciate its beauty. The Wi-Fi free town has many activities to engage you like you can attend Yoga sessions, Zumba classes, live in small and cute house, hike through the mountains and jungles or simply relax on the beach and enjoy your quite time.

We hope you have an amazing time in Mexico. Enjoy!