How to have a thrifty travel

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June 23, 2017
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July 1, 2017

What is your priority in life and savings? Is it travelling without spending more money? Well, you don’t have to be rich to travel. Here, we are listing some best ideas for you to have a thrifty travel i.e. you will travel in a budget and will not have to worry about extra expenses.

Plan In advance your next destination. If you decide to book on-time, everything gets expensive from plane tickets to hotel/hostels bookings.

Always look for early bird discount offers and several travel packages available.

Try to book your tickets and holidays in off-season. During off-season, prices of hotels, trains and airways usually get decreased by considerable amount, helping you to save more on your travel.

Avoid planning your trips and weekend gateways mostly during Summer and on long holidays. The place will be full of tourists and the prices will be hitting the sky. You can simply save a lot by booking your travel in off-season.

Forget the luxury hotels and book your room in hostels or share an apartment with fellow travelers.

There are many apps which will help you find good and affordable rooms on rents from locals which you can also share with other travelers. This way by sharing your rent, you can save a lot on hotel bookings.

Whenever you’re visiting a new place, search in advance for its must-see places. Also, look for a list of free things to do there like, many museums, parks and churches offer free tours either daily or on specific days, make sure to pre-book that.

Check for local transport. Search for best routes to travel between the city using local buses and trains. Search for a day pass or tourist’s cards.

Weigh and measure your luggage while packing at home. Even a kg of extra weight will cost you very high. Read the luggage allowance of a specific airline before booking the flight. For example, if you are thinking of taking more luggage on your next trip, look for airline that has more luggage allowance with no additional charge.

If possible, try to travel overnight. First, the price of night travel is comparatively low and second, you can also save a charge of one night at hotel. So, if you book return ticket also for an overnight flight, you can save the cost of two night’s accommodation charge.

Rather than dining out, carry your food. If you’re living in hostel, you can take grocery from supermarkets and cook in your room which will cost you far less than spending in a restaurant or bar.

Avoid going to tourist’s restaurants i.e. restaurants with multilingual boards. The charges are quite high at such places. Look where locals eat. This way, you can enjoy local food in a cheap price.

Specifically, in Europe, many cities like Rome, Venice, Paris, Vienna, Madrid are small and can be covered by walking. Take a map and plan a must-see thing geographically. This way, you can save the transport cost.

Lastly, don’t forget to collect miles and points while your travel bookings and always ask for upgrades not only for your flight but also during your hotel bookings. You never know, when the day is your lucky day!