Exotic foods in Mexico

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May 27, 2017
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June 11, 2017

The best and easiest way to get to know about a new place is by tasting the local cuisines which will also help us to gain more knowledge about the culture and the history of the people living there. Mexican cuisine still uses traditional ingredients and some have a recipe that has been used since ages. Undoubtedly after Spanish people left the country, Mexico has seen many changes and a remarkable change can be seen in the very traditional Mexican food as well. Here is the list of some most delicious and strange dishes that you must try at least once, no matter what.

Mole – Mole means mix. Mole is a cooking process which mixes almost 15 different ingredients like peanuts, raisins, chocolate, onion, nuts, tortillas, sesame seeds, chili, garlic, etc. The delicious and one of the most popular Mexican dish have around 50 types and flavors like Black mole, Cheese mole, Almond mole, etc. The dish is served usually with white rice and chicken.

Chapulines – Chapulines is one of the most popular and long-established dish of Mexico and can be found only in specific regions of Mexico and available only during specific time of the year, roughly from early May to late October. The dish is nothing but fried grasshoppers, which are washed neatly, toasted and then seasoned with herbs, salts, lime, garlic, chili and various other spices. They are crunchy and tastes like potato chips. Chapulines are served with tacos as an extra side dish. It is a rich source of protein and is very popular Mexican food.

Sopa de piedra – This is one of the most amazing dishes one can find in Oaxaca region of Mexico. The dish represents the Chinanteco tradition from San Felipe Usila, Tuxtepec. The soup is actually made from river stones, hence it is also called as Stone Soup. The stones are heated on a flame until they are red. Everything like Cilantro, Tomatoes, chili, fish, shrimps, garlic, onion, salt and water are added raw to Calabash. Within 3-4 minutes everything gets cooked, once the red-hot stones break down and the delicious soup is ready to served. This is one of the old and exotic dish found in the Mexican culture.

Huitlacoche – Huitlacoche is a class of fungus that attacks maize, hence the dish is also called as Corn Smut. Though fungus is known for the worst affecting pests, many countries like Mexico have adopted it in their cuisines which are widely liked by people. It looks black in color and also got its name as Mexican Truffle. Huitlacoche grows mostly between from July to September and tastes like mushrooms. The delicious and smoky dish though doesn’t look too good, as per many people it tastes heavenly while it served with quesadillas and tacos and is a rich source of amino acids.

Tascalate – It is one of the famous and popular drink in Chiapas, state of Mexico. It is a drink made from toasted corn with chocolate and flavored with chili. The corn are roasted and then grounded to form smooth powder and then mixed with other ingredients like chocolate, chili, sugar, milk, cinnamon and water. The powder is corn is also available in packets in markets. It is one of the oldest drink available and liked by Mexicans and is served cold.