Common Mistakes in Travelling

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June 29, 2017
Travel Essentials
July 3, 2017

As human as we are, we make a few mistakes during our trip while exploring the beauties of the world. These careless mistakes might ruin the trip, can spoil the experience and waste your money. Avoiding these common mistakes can be rewarding, this can help you save time, money and have a great travel experience.

Do not book your travel too early! I know, the excitement makes you on the rush, but halt! Do not book your flight, hotel, and resort right away.

To avoid time wastage, do not book the connecting flights with less than at least two hours of halt to avoid any delays and cancellations.

Don’t forget to have extra printouts of your passport, travel tickets, plans, travel agency contacts, hotel bookings, travel insurance, etc. with you and at your home as well.

Before planning all the travel itinerary, check visa requirements and limitations.

Do not disregard travel insurance! You might see this as an additional expense. But, you never know what is on the road, travel insurance protects you from the situations that might come up during your travel.

Do not plan a rigid and extra-ambitious itinerary!

Keep checking your flight and hotel details frequently to avoid last minute hurry and cancellations or any plan changes.

Do not over pack, pack only the things you need and re-check everything, once you are done with complete packing.

Do not trust in the guide book! There are many hidden and beautiful places out there. So, leave the guide book and explore on your own.

Ask more than one person about routes and maps than to rely on just one person.

Do not take too much foreign currency with you and do not run out of the local currency. Make sure you have just little more than you’re planning to spend on the trip with you.

Inform your banks and credit card companies about your foreign trip and future foreign transactions.

Do not forget to back up your photos! You never know when the day is your unlucky day.

Do not leave your things unattended! Being a theft victim is the last and worst thing you can deal with during your travel.

Rather than being a complete stranger to new place, search at least basic things about new place and learn the basic communication words, some important and advisory things of the place, etc.

Be smart, and learn to travel with ease to make your experience worthwhile!